Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine

Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine Mixer V100 (with universal wheels) is a mixing machine launched by CapsulCN.

This machine is suitable for mixing various dry powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

The invention has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and the like.

The parts in contact with the material are all made of stainless steel and meet the CGMP standard.

Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine RawCN-Mix V100(with universal wheels) Specifications

Volume100 L
Max. filling capacity40 L
Best filling capacity32 L
Power supply & Motor power380V, 50Hz,0.75kW; 220V, 50Hz, 1.1kW
Rotational speed15 r/min
Dia. of inlet160 mm
Dia. of outlet100 mm
Machine dimension1570*650*1500 mm
Machine weight190 kg
Operation dimension1580*910*1520 mm
Packing dimension1680*760*1720 mm
Packing weight235.5 kg

Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine Working Principles

There is a motor and a speed reducer installed at the right side. The motor drives the speed reducer through a belt.

Then, the reducer drives the V-shaped mixing cylinder to work via coupling. As a result, the powder in the V-shaped mixing cylinder is mixed back and forth in all directions in the cylinder.







Operation and Maintenance

Before operating the machine, the operator must be familiar with the contents of this manual, the working performance of all parts of the machine and the functions of different buttons on the operation panel.

  • Connect the power supply conforming to the machine voltage, press the yellow button “inching” on the operation panel, and observe whether the V-shaped mixing cylinder works normally.
  • Adjust the working time of the time relay on the operation panel, and then press the green button “Start” to run the machine without materials.
  • After the machine stops, press the button “Inching” to adjust the feed inlet to the upper position.
  • Loosen the clamp at the feed outlet to add powder, adjust the working time, and press the green button “Start” to run the machine.
  • After the machine stops, press the button “Inching” to adjust the feed outlet to the lower position, then loosen the clamp at the outlet and pour out the material.
  • Remember to clean the cylinder after use or when replacing mixed materials.


  • Imple structure, easy operation, beautiful appearance.
  • The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel in compliance with CGMP to ensure hygiene and safety.
  • The motor has large power and high mixing efficiency, and can mix a large amount of materials in a short time.
  • The diameter of the feed port and the discharge port is large, which is convenient for the entry and exit of materials.
  • The working principle is simple and reliable, and it can mix materials stably.
  • It is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, and has broad application prospects.


  • After use, take out the remaining material in the V-shaped mixing cylinder and clean away the residual powder in each part of the machine.
  • Clean the surface of the machine with a dry soft cloth. For any place with much dust but out of reach, use compressed air to blow it away.
  • While wiping the machine, observe whether there is any loose screw in the machine. Make sure all screws are tightened properly.