Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

We are your reliable one-stop solutions provider for raw material processing, capsule filling, tablet compression, and various pharmaceutical packaging.


Types of Pharmaceutical Equipment and Machinery

At HUADA, we design and manufacture powder processing equipment, capsule filling machines, tablet presses, blister packaging machines, and integrated production lines that meet the highest quality standards. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of pharmaceutical machinery to cater to diverse needs. Built with innovation, efficiency, and reliability, each piece of equipment will empower you to streamline the manufacturing process and deliver superior products to the market.

HUADA Pharmaceutical Machinery Customization

HUADA takes pride in providing custom machinery with tailored functionality.

Both the design and functions are customizable to suit your unique needs.

Our bespoke solutions precisely meet your production process and scale and deliver exceptional efficiency and performance.

Quality is non-negotiable. HUADA creates custom pharmaceutical machinery without compromising on quality.

By using top-notch materials and innovative technologies, every solution meets stringent industry standards and exceeds your expectations.

HUADA develops custom machinery that offers a host of benefits setting your pharmaceutical business apart from the rest.

Our tailored solutions empower you with competitive advantages to stay ahead in the dynamic global marketplace.

Get pharmaceutical equipment easily - hassle-free process


Extensive Supplier Network

Our comprehensive range of pharmaceutical machinery streamlines your procurement process and offers an extensive selection.

You can access more options in one place, catering to your preference and budget.

You can get the best deals and cost-effective solutions. Save your time. Save your money.


Streamlined Ordering Process

We guide you seamlessly through every stage of procurement.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in exploring our vast selection of products, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

They work closely with you to customize equipment as you require.

An automated system is available to handle and manage your orders efficiently, providing a streamlined yet reliable purchasing process.

Deliver a fast, easy, and convenient buying experience.


Reliable Delivery and Support

Once your equipment is ready, we ensure that your order is delivered smoothly and safely, with transparent communication throughout the process.

Our responsive customer service team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and a worry-free experience for anyone who chooses our pharmaceutical equipment.

Why us

Good Service

We provide 7×24 service. Each customer has a special account manager to be responsible for your order. We are ready to serve you!


With core technology patents, we have been manufacturing capsule filling machines, bottling lines, blister packaging machinery, and so on since 1992.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the high quality of the products, we also arrange the quality inspection process after production process is completed.

On-site Service

In order to help customers solve problems in product use, production and operation, we arrange fixed-time customer return visits to solve customer problems.

Regulatory compliance

Products have passed ISO 9001 quality system certification, European CE product safety certification, in line with GMP standards. Some products have received more than 30 awards.


We are able to offer professional services to customers. Production Dept., Sales Dept., R&D Dept., Shipping Dept., QC Dept., IT Dept are set up for better service.

Why Huada Pharma

Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing Process and Facilities

At HUADA, we are dedicated to providing reliable, safe, and high-performing pharmaceutical equipment.

We pride ourselves in every step of the manufacturing process.

All stages, from design and fabrication to testing, comply with GMP, cGMP, CE marking guidelines, and other international standards.

In addition to standard facilities, we have dedicated clean rooms that are meticulously designed to create a controlled environment with low levels of contamination.

Equipped with advanced systems, these clean room facilities provide the ideal conditions for pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing.


Equipment and Machinery Customer Support

At HUADA, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our highly trained and dedicated support team is always ready to assist you around the clock. Whether you need help online, remote assistance, or even field service, we are fully committed to your delight, day and night.

About us

HUADA Pharma is a specialized manufacturer with over 29 years of industry experience in providing pharmaceutical processing and packaging solutions.

At HUADA Pharma, we pride ourselves on the deep understanding of your unique needs.

We offer comprehensive services encompassing everything from design to delivery of turn-key solutions for pharmaceutical processing and packaging.

We stay updated on the latest pharmaceutical equipment and keep pace with technological trends to ensure optimal functionality and workflow efficiency for our solutions.

We are committed to establishing enduring partnerships by providing dependable, quality-assured solutions for our customers.

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